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System Requirements

In addition to the requirements listed here, the PC must also meet the requirements for the version of SolidWorks used, as specified on http://www.solidworks.com/sw/support/SystemRequirements.html 

Operating System 

  • Windows 7 Home Premium
  • Windows 7 Professional
  • Windows 7 Ultimate
  • Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows XP SP3

64-bit (x64) versions are recommended.

NTFS File System is recommended.

CAD System 

  • SolidWorks 2010 or newer.


  • Internet Explorer 8 or newer.

CPU Type 

  • Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon™ Dual Core, 3.0 GHz or Higher with SSE2 technology.


  • On 32-bit operating systems: 2GB. 4 GB or more is recommended when working with complex parts.
  • On 64-bit operating systems: 4GB.

Display Resolution 

  • 1,024 x 768 with true color (1,600 x 1,050 with true color recommended)

Hard Disk 

  • Installation 6 GB

Pointing Device 

  • A mouse with 3 or more buttons and a scroll wheel is recommended.


  • Download (add-in version).
  • Installation from DVD (standalone version).

Multiple Processors 

  • Dual/Quad core CPUs will be utilized when calculating toolpaths.


  • English, German, Spanish, Japanese, Czech, Polish


  • The license server and all workstations that will run applications dependent on network licensing must run TCP/IP protocol. In addition to operating systems supported for the application, the license server will run on the Windows® Server 2008, Windows® Server 2008 R2, Windows® Server 2003 and Windows 2003 R2 Server Editions.

Internet Access 

  • Internet access is recommended for online activation. If no internet access is available, manual activation can be performed from another PC with internet access, or over telephone. Alternatively a hardware dongle can be used.

Display Card 

  • Any SolidWorks certified graphics card. Please see www.solidworks.com/sw/support/videocardtesting.html

Side-by-Side Install 

  • Supported

HSMWorks is available in two versions: 

  • HSMWorks Add-In
  • HSMWorks Standard/Pro functions as an add-in in any existing SolidWorks 2010 or newer installation.

Autodesk reserves the right to alter product offerings and specifications at any time without notice, and is not responsible for typographical or graphical errors that may appear in this document.

Autodesk is not responsible for errors or failures of Autodesk software arising from the installation of updates, extensions, or new releases issued by third party hardware or software vendors for the certified software or hardware identified in this document (or for any other third party software or hardware that you may use in connection with Autodesk products).

SolidWorks is a registered trademark of Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp.

You will receive a product license code and instructions for activation within 48 hours of your purchase of a license of Autodesk HSMWorks.

Autodesk HSMWorks is also available through a network of Authorized HSMWorks Channel Partners. You can locate your Autodesk HSMWorks reseller by clicking here.

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