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HSMWorks Premium 2015 integrated CAM add-in for SOLIDWORKS® helps designers, engineers and CNC programmers rapidly turn designs into machined parts directly inside SOLIDWORKS® design environment. HSMWorks provides a truly integrated design-to-manufacturing solution for SOLIDWORKS® users, allowing them to get up to speed and become productive within minutes by using familiar tools and workflows. In addition to standard machining strategies for 2.5D, 3D and 3+2, 5-axis milling and 2D turning applications, HSMWorks Premium offers advanced toolpath strategies for high-efficiency machining, integrated simulation and verification tools, and post-processor system to help achieve higher productivity, increased profits, and shorter time-to-market.

  • Support for all major 2D and 3D milling strategies - such as drill, face, 2D pocket, 2D adaptive roughing, contour, slot, thread milling, bore milling, trace, 3D pocket, 3D Adaptive roughing, 3D contour, parallel, horizontal, pencil, scallop, spiral, radial, 3+2 milling, and multi-axis swarf and multi-axis contour.

  • Supports Standard Turning Strategies - features all the traditional turning toolpaths including face, rough, using either canned cycles or expanded toolpaths, groove, drill, profile, and part. For drilling and hole making, choose between pre-programmed machining cycles and canned cycles, or use a combination of both.

  • Toolpath and Stock Simulation - integrated simulation and verification tools allows users to simulate generated toolpaths directly in relation to the part model with numerous inspection and measurement tools including forward/reverse preview, toolpath backplot, and stock simulation.

  • Graphical Setup Sheets - create detailed HTML setup sheets for individual operations or complete machining setups including in-process image snap-shots and toolpath statistics per operation.

  • Powerful Post Processor System - based on the standard JavaScript programming language, the open-architecture Autodesk HSMWorks post processing system is capable of processing hundreds of thousands of lines of CNC code per second and even includes a library of standard posts for the many of the more common machining centers in use today.

  • Integrated with SolidWorks - eliminating the need to export SolidWorks data for CAM programming, Autodesk HSMWorks is runs inside SolidWorks utilizing the command manager, feature manager design tree, and property manager which means shorter learning curve and better all-around user experience.

You will receive a product license code and instructions for activation within 48 hours of your purchase of a license of HSMWorks.

HSMWorks is also available through a network of Authorized HSMWorks Channel Partners. You can locate your HSMWorks reseller by clicking here.

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