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Provide engineers, sales reps and end customers with web and mobile access to a product configurator for building custom models used for quoting or new designs. Autodesk® Configurator 360™ product configuration software helps you to:

  • Invite engineers, sales teams, or customers to customize your products for quoting or to download the required models for use in their designs, while controlling access to authorized users only or granting access to everyone.
  • Upload your models and make your products available in a few minutes; no software to download helps get you up and running in the cloud faster.
  • Increase the value of existing Autodesk® Inventor® or Autodesk® Inventor® Engineer-to-Order configurable designs by making them available to your customers online.Use the native translators to supply the configured 3D model in your customers’ preferred CAD file format.
  • Provide 2D drawings that update automatically to match the 3D product configuration.
  • Create a custom-branded catalogue for your entire line of configurable products and link to your site.

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