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What’s New

Draft, design, and document MEP building systems more efficiently with tools that boost workflow and facilitate collaboration. New features in AutoCAD MEP software include new section enhancements, style browser enhancements, property visibility overrides, status bar enhancements, UI finder features and elbow duct fitting enhancements that allow you to:

  • Refresh all sections in your drawing with a single click and auto-update a selection set when objects are added.
  • Generate rise and fall symbols in sections for duct and pipes when any portion of the object is within the section volume.
  • Create new section lines and generate section results using a single command.
  • Specify the default type of revision cloud with revision cloud enhancements that let you choose from: Freehand, Polygonal, Rectangular or Object. The revision cloud arc length is scaled automatically by the Annotation Scale, resulting in a consistent appearance in views with different scales.
  • Increase productivity with style browser enhancements that enable you to navigate, search and add object styles more efficiently. Work more quickly with dynamic search and by selecting preferred styles from a variety of sources or libraries.
  • Import preferred styles and add objects of a selected style to the current drawing and customize the appearance of previews in the Style Browser.
  • Override the settings for visibility and/or order for Property Set Definitions made in the Style Manager.
  • Disable properties to prevent them from being changed once you have set the order of the properties and determined which properties will be visible based on your standards.
  • Enjoy greater usability with status bar enhancements that include new Display Configuration and Cut Plane tools, plus the removal of the Drawing Status Bar.
  • The Application Status Bar now wraps onto two lines so that all the selected controls are visible.
  • Locate commonly used commands directly from Help content with a new animated arrow that points to the tool location in the user interface and the Status Bar and Application Menu.
  • Choose the type of elbow that best fits your design when the sizes on both sides of the duct are equal. Choose from “Use Reducing Elbow,” “Use Straight Elbow and Reducer” or the new setting “Use Reducing Elbow if needed.”

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