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Experience all the functionality of AutoCAD® Design Suite Standard, plus the ability to transform your 3D designs into immersive renderings. New features in AutoCAD Design Suite Premium 2015 help you to:

  • Experience a richly refined interface that’s more detailed and easier to use than ever. Improved functionality and features are now set off against a darker background, creating a more efficient workspace while helping minimize eyestrain.
  • Evaluate potential changes before committing to them with command preview. Preview outcomes of frequently-used commands such as offset, fillet and trim. Helps reduce “undo’s” by catching mistakes before they happen.
  • Quickly open new and existing drawings with New Tab. You can also access a large selection of design elements that help you start on a project.
  • Save time and clicks by visually accessing drawing content with ribbon galleries. It’s an intuitive and fast way to make selections directly from the ribbon.

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