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Increase productivity when working with the high-resolution assets required by today’s demanding entertainment and design visualization projects. 3ds Max Entertainment Creation Suite Standard helps you to:

  • Choose software for more flexible production pipelines based on project or client requirements.
  • Extend 3ds Max with new geometric objects and modifiers by creating graphs in a visual environment similar to the Slate material editor.
  • Collaborate more easily across teams and throughout the production pipeline with new support for non-destructive animation workflows in XRef and improved stability.
  • Represent subdivision surfaces in 3ds Max® using the OpenSubdiv libraries open-sourced by Pixar. Experience faster in-viewport performance for meshes with high subdivision levels with libraries that incorporate technology from Microsoft Research, and are designed to help take advantage of both parallel CPU and GPU architectures.
  • Access object placement, lighting, rendering, modeling and texturing tools more easily with new Design Workspace.
  • Accelerate the scene creation process with new on-demand templates that provide standardized start-up configurations
  • Experience greater creative flexibility and control with the new Camera Sequencer, which allows you to cut between multiple cameras, trim, and reorder animated clips nondestructively—leaving the original animation data unchanged.
  • Reduce undesirable deformation artifacts with Dual Quaternion Skinning. As a new option in the Skin modifier, Dual Quaternion lets you paint the amount of influence skinning will have on a surface, so you can use it where you need it and taper off to linear skin weighting where you don’t.
  • Help reduce rendering time and costs by rendering projects online in the cloud, right from within 3ds Max. Autodesk A360 rendering support is available to customers on Maintenance and Desktop Subscription.
  • Create more photorealistic images and animations with greater ease using the new Physical Camera. Co-developed with the makers of V-Ray, it provides enhanced controls and additional in-viewport feedback.
  • Model using extensive polygonal, subdivision surface, and NURBS toolsets within 3ds Max to help create better assets in less time.
  • Create more realistic rigid and soft body dynamics, hair, fur, cloth, fluids, and particle simulations with 3ds Max. 
  • Access specialized tools for motion capture acquisition, refinement, and retargeting to help you use and reuse motion captured data more efficiently with MotionBuilder software. Use the real-time 3D engine and dedicated toolsets for character rigging, nonlinear animation editing, and on-set acquisition to help increase projects you can tackle such as: Virtual Production, previsualization, and performance animation.
  • Animate more realistic character reactions to external forces using real-time ragdoll simulations in MotionBuilder.
  • Create highly detailed organic models using the intuitive sculpting, texturing, and painting toolsets of Mudbox sculpting software.
  • Experience a more cohesive, efficient pipeline solution with streamlined data transfer workflows and tight integration between 3D suite offerings through FBX asset exchange technology.
  • Help increase efficiency with more consistent interfaces that offer unified hotkeys for viewport navigation and certain other tasks, as well as familiar F-Curve editors between applications.

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