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Engineer-to-Order (ETO) Services

Helping companies build automated workflows

Autodesk® Engineer-to-Order (ETO) Services help manufacturing companies develop and implement a strategic approach to engineering and sales automation that closely aligns business goals with opportunities for improvement. Combining deep product knowledge with industry domain expertise, Autodesk Consulting helps companies to carefully plan how to integrate an Autodesk® Inventor® Engineer-to-Order solution that maximizes return on investment, shortens engineering and sales cycle times, and results in a significant business advantage.

ETO software management services include:

ETO Strategy Services

Align technology capabilities and benefits with business goals and priorities, resulting in a customized road map.

ETO Implementation and Integration Services

Develop a customized and comprehensive ETO solution to mazimize the benefits of sales and engineering automation.

ETO Adoption and Change Management Services

Provide staff with knowledge and support to use new processes and tools.

Customer quote

“With the help of Autodesk design automation software and Autodesk Consulting’s best practices around process improvements and thought leadership, we were able to convert our overall design time from four weeks to the click of a button.”
 –Gary Foucault, Lead Vessel Designer and Product Manager, Cameron Process Systems Canada.  

ETO Services overview