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Autodesk Partner Specializations

In addition to the Partner Tiers, Partners demonstrate their expertise through a range of Specializations. Proven ability to consistently deliver advanced customer solutions and support is at the heart of the Partner Specialization Program.

Partner personnel are required to pass certification exams relating to the industries in which they do business. Working with certified personnel gives you the benefit of this expertise. Certified personnel are uniquely qualified to help you get the most out of your Autodesk software.

The ”Specialized” designation indicates that the Autodesk Partner has expert knowledge and has demonstrated expertise in delivering advanced customer solutions, consulting, training, and support in one of the following areas: 

Industry, expertise or product oriented:

Advanced MEP

The Advanced MEP Specialization is focused on showing how Autodesk’s portfolio of solutions bridges the gap from Design to Construction via the detailing and fabrication workflows that they support. Specialized partners focus on sales strategies, the company types and specific personas at the firms, as well as the training and implementation services needed to ensure the success of MEP Detailers, Fabricators, and Contractors.

Building Design
Building Construction
MEP Detailers
Engineering consultants

Advanced Structure

The Advanced Structure Specialization is focused on structural fabrication. It emphasizes how Autodesk BIM Solutions extend across the building lifecycle beyond design to support detailing, fabrication and construction of structures. Specialized partners will focus on sales strategies, the company types and specific personae at the firms, as well as the training and implementation services needed to ensure the success of Structural detailers, fabricators, and Contractors.

Building Design
Building Construction
Structural designers
Engineering consultants


The Building Specialization is concentrated on multi-discipline Building Design. Specialized partners focus on sales strategies, the company types and specific personae at the firms, as well as the training and implementation services needed to ensure customer success. They also focus on solutions within the Autodesk Building Design Suite that support workflows for architects and engineers, that extend design into construction, including demonstrations for conceptual design, design development, visualization, and construction documentation.

Building Design
Building Construction

Civil Infrastructure

The Autodesk Civil Infrastructure Specialization is focused on transportation – Roads & Highways, Airports and Rail. Specialization Partners focus on the civil infrastructure industry, the sales strategies, personas as well as the Autodesk portfolio of solutions, technical workflows and demonstrations.

Land Development
Transportation (Roads & Highways, Airports and Rail)
Utilities (Electric & Gas)
Telecom and Water & Wastewater

Creative Finishing

Industrial Design & Visualization

The Autodesk Industrial Design & Visualization Specialization is primarily concentrated on the automotive segment within the Manufacturing industry but extends to segments with similar and adjacent needs. Specialized Partners will focus the people and roles involved in industrial design, design visualization, sales & marketing visualization, related sales strategies as well as the Autodesk portfolio of solutions, technical workflows and demonstrations.

Automotive (primary)
Consumer Products (secondary)
Suppliers including Digital Marketing Agencies

Media & Entertainment

The Media & Entertainment Specialization is for resellers who sell to and support customers in the Entertainment industry, including film & television; games; and advertising, publishing, and graphic design. Autodesk's M&E segment derives revenue from the sale of products such as Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3ds Max, and the Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suites which are used for digital modeling, 3D animation, visual effects, rendering, compositing, design visualization, and much more. Creative professionals and production facilities utilize Autodesk M&E software for a diverse range of projects that include feature films, television programs, commercials, on-air graphics, music and corporate videos, game development, and interactive web content.

Film and television
Graphic design

Process & Power

The Process & Power Specialization is focused on Plant Design. It emphasizes how Autodesk Plant Solutions cover the process plant lifecycle from conceptual process design, through detailed design of piping, structures and process equipment to construction documentation and planning. Specialized partners will focus on sales strategies, the company types and specific personae at the firms, as well as the training and implementation services needed to ensure the success Autodesk Plant solutions in engineering service providers and plant owner/operators.

Oil & Gas
Food & Beverage
Power Generation
Plant Design
Plant Construction
Engineering service providers
Piping fabricators

Product Design & Manufacturing

The Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing Specialization is designed to help partners focus on the broad opportunity and capabilities required to be successful with manufacturing customers in various industries. Product Design and Manufacturing Specialized Partners help customers improve bidding profitability, reduce costly errors, and promote better collaboration by demonstrating how their validated product design will work in a client’s environment.

Building Product
Equipment & Fabrication
Industrial Equipment

Product Life Cycle Management (PLM)

The Autodesk PLM360 Specialization was designed to assure a select group of partners are trained and invested in building a successful, growing PLM360 business, founded on both software sales as well as PLM360 deployment services. Specialized partners will focus on industrial machinery, automotive supply chain, high-tech manufacturing, and the clean-tech industries, which are the core target markets for PLM360. Critical applications for PLM360 and associated services are bill-of-material design, engineering change order management, supply chain collaboration, as well as NPI (new product introduction). Quality processes and related compliance processes are also critical.

Industrial Machinery
Automotive Supply Chain
High Tech manufacturing
Clean Tech


The Autodesk Simulation Specialization covers the analysis disciplines of FEA, CFD and Plastic Injection Molding. Simulation is broadly applicable to a diversity of industries and is a critical aspect of customer strategies for improving design quality, safety and performance. Partners specialized in Simulation will focus on one or more analysis disciplines, will be responsible for delivering simulation specific sales and technical presentations as well as post sale customer training, support and services.

Industrial Machinery
Consumer Products
Building Products & Fabrication
Automotive & Transportation
Aerospace & Defense
Engineering Service Providers
Oil & Gas
Civil Infrastructure
Architectural & Construction Services

Value Added Services:

Value Added Services help customers identify a Partner with the skills and experience to best address their complex implementation, support, and training needs.


The Consulting Specialization designation recognizes a partner’s advanced consulting expertise, which includes implementation and delivery of Autodesk solutions. The Consulting Specialization designation is not industry specific, focused instead on combining partners’ industry specialization with broadly applicable consulting skills. It assures customers that a partner has delivered complete Autodesk solutions and has the tools and skills to manage the implementation process.

Member of Autodesk Developer Network (ADN)

ADN membership provides partners with full-time developers software, support, and training in order to meet customers’ custom application development needs based on Autodesk Products.

Autodesk Training Center (ATC)

Members of the ATC program are equipped with the ability to offer customers high quality Autodesk-approved training content and curriculum. ATC Partners also have access to a variety of software, support, and services to help them deliver high-quality training to their customers.

Product Support

The Autodesk Product Support Specialization is designed to promote an Autodesk Partner’s ability to provide outstanding technical support. Product Support Specialized partners demonstrate the ability to help customers implement Autodesk solutions faster, minimize downtime, and enhance their business performance. Product Support Specialized partners receive tools and support from Autodesk.