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Cutting and nesting optimizers

TruNest nesting software improves machine throughput and functionality. TruNest optimizes machining, tool cycles, and more for various cutting and nesting techniques.


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  • Works with FiberSIM and CPD

    TruNest Composites

    TruNest Composites nesting and cutting software automates the flat data export process. Special translators for FiberSIM and CPD (Composite Part Design) workbench data bring in composite part data in just 2 steps: a single click of a button in the design package, followed by 1 button click in TruNest. TruNest keeps track of the ply/sequence names, material type, and orientation for each ply.

  • Flat ply splitting

    TruNest Composites

    Split flat, wide composite plies, so each cut piece fits the width of your chosen material roll exactly. TruNest Composites returns a list of plies that don’t fit on the roll, which is very useful information when nesting whole plies.

  • Skeleton cutting/auto destruct cycle

    TruNest Contour, TruNest Multi-Tool

    Optimize machining processes at the end of the cutting cycle. Easily unload parts from the table. Cut the remaining skeleton and scrap materials into small, manageable pieces. Destroy any interior holes, so there are no floating scraps left inside holes to collide with the cutting head.

  • Automatic tabbing

    TruNest Contour, TruNest Multi-Tool

    Automatically hold each part in place during cutting, using small pieces of materials called tabs. A list of customizable rules controls the size and location of tabs, ensuring the correct size, number, and location of tabs for each part.

  • Head-down logic for pierce reduction

    TruNest Contour, TruNest Multi-Tool

    TruNest optimizes the starting cut positions, so that cutting operations use the minimum number of pierces on each nest. TruNest software minimizes the number of times the machine stops cutting and requiring a new piercing movement in-between parts.

    Because many cutting technologies take more time to pierce than to cut already pierced material, the advanced cutting logic used by TruNest helps make cutting and piercing operations faster and more efficient.

  • Etching and labeling

    TruNest Contour, TruNest Multi-Tool, TruNest Composites

    Automatic part labeling speeds up the unloading process. Use pen markers, sticky labels, or etched part information for labeling directly on each part.

  • Automatic tool cycle optimization

    TruNest Multi-Tool

    Use TruNest Multi-Tool router and punch nesting software to program multiple tool heads on routers, punch presses, and punch labeling machines. Automatic tooling ensures that each part in the database has appropriate tool shapes and sizes in the tooling library.

    Catch problems before parts need to be cut. Optimize tool cycles by cutting smaller shapes, and then moving onto larger or more complex tooling operations.

  • Double-sided routing

    TruNest Multi-Tool

    Program routing tools to automatically run on 2 sides of the part. Automatically generate part repositions to correspond with each cutting process.

  • Automatic common line cutting

    TruNest Contour, TruNest Multi-Tool, TruNest Composites

    When 2 or more parts share common or partial shapes, TruNest software automatically recognizes the common line between parts and removes unnecessary cutting motions. This works with both straight edges and curved boundaries on parts.

  • Optimized multitorch cutting logic

    TruNest Contour

    Optimize machine tools that use multiple cutting heads. When multiple cutting torches are enabled, TruNest Contour reduces the size of the nest to accommodate each additional torch.