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Laser simulation of work areas

Simulate your laser projections and work area to determine the laser's field of view and coverage. Find potential problems between projection angles and sharp corners or obstructions. TruLaser laser projection software supports all major laser projector brands.

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    Laser simulation

  • Single grouping

    Using the complete 3D CAD data file, project single groups of objects, one at a time. This lets you follow step-by-step instructions during laser assembly and avoid mistakes during laser fabrication.

  • Visualize the work area

    Digitally view the laser manufacturing work area with work cell simulation. Get accurate information on the required number of lasers, the laser field of view, and the total part coverage.

  • Obstruction detection

    With laser simulation, you can pinpoint potential problems with projection angles or difficult shapes in your tooling. Locate and predict potential laser obstructions in your work cell.

  • Accurate positioning

    Simulate various positions of the laser projection to determine the most accurate positioning. Include target and calibration data points in your work area, enabling automatic calibration of the laser projectors.

  • Supports laser systems

    Supports major laser projection technologies and brands, including Assembly Guidance, LAP Laser, LPT, Virtek, and SL Laser (including 3 formats to support older systems).

  • Supports special laser features

    TruLaser supports the unique features built into each brand or model of laser projector. Special features can include text display, information blocks, LED message boards, query functions, and others.