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Laser projection for manufacturing

Project 2D or 3D CAD images on a variety of mediums and real-life 3D objects, using TruLaser laser projection software. Then use these images during fabrication, quality assurance, painting, and other manufacturing processes.

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    Laser projection applications

  • Grouping and quality assurance

    Use 3D laser projection for any process using manual measurements to locate parts or components. Group or regroup pieces for fabrication of work zones. Project correct locations and alignment for quality assurance.

  • Paint templates

    Project paint masking schemes onto objects with laser projection. Laser projection can replace physical templates on large objects, especially those with curvature or sharp corners, such as airplane bodies and buildings. Streamline initial approval and modifications for paint schemes.

  • Visual alignment

    Project any 2D or 3D CAD data for visual laser manufacturing purposes, such as aligning parts during assembly for fastening or welding. Display wiring diagrams and layouts with step-by-step processes.

  • Reverse engineering

    Use your legacy laser data. Import existing laser data files for reverse engineering and eventual editing. Save files as a CAD design format or output to other laser systems.