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Integrated game development tools

Stingray includes a suite of tools used by both indie and AAA developers to create visually arresting games. You get these tools: BeastHumanIKNavigation, UI technology based on Scaleform, Audiokinetic Wwise, and NVIDIA PhysX.

  • Beast is a powerful global illumination tool that produces photorealistic lighting effects by baking lightmaps to minimize performance impact.
  • HumanIK is a full-body inverse kinematics animation system that produces more-realistic animations for bipeds, quadrupeds, and n-peds in any environment, and supports rapid animation re-targeting.
  • Navigation is an artificial intelligence system that helps AI characters move realistically through complex dynamic environments.
  • Scaleform Studio is a user interface tool that helps you create compelling menu systems, UI, and HUDs easily, with profiling tools to help reduce performance impact.
  • Audiokinetic Wwise is an advanced, feature-rich interactive sound engine for games.
  • NVIDIA PhysX provides accurate physics simulation to bring game environments to life. It enables effects in scenes filled with dynamic destruction, particle-based fluids, and lifelike animation.