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The effects tools you need

Smoke® professional video editing software combines 3D effects tools with a familiar video editing timeline, helping you take your post-production workflow to the next level.

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    3D visual effects tools

  • 3D tracking New

    Analyze source footage to reproduce original camera movement and realistically composite elements into your shots.

  • Matchbox Timeline FX (Extension 1)* New

    Access, build, and apply custom shaders and transitions using the powerful Matchbox GLSL shader creation tool, now available as a Timeline FX.

  • Sparks compatibility (Extension 1)* New

    Apply a variety of third-party plug-in effects to your projects—from blurs and distortions, to lighting and transitions. Smoke 2015 Extension 1 reintroduces compatibility with Sparks plug-ins for ConnectFX and as a Timeline FX.

  • ConnectFX node-based compositing

    Change the way you approach editing effects with a powerful node-based compositing environment accessible directly from the timeline.

  • Powerful compositing in Action

    Go beyond 2D layer-based effects with Action, a true 3D compositing environment within the video editing timeline.

  • 3D text and geometry

    Import 3D geometry and create dynamic 3D titles with bevels, textures, and per-character animation controls.

  • 3D workflow with Maya

    With support for the FBX asset exchange and Alembic open interchange formats, Smoke can integrate true 3D geometry directly into composites.

*This feature is exclusively available to current Desktop Subscription customers as part of Extension 1 for Smoke 2015 software.