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Features for Simulation Moldflow

Simulation tools for plastic injection molding

Simulation Moldflow software provides tools for injection mold design, plastic part design, and the injection molding design process. Simulation Moldflow Adviser and Simulation Moldflow Insight software use Digital Prototyping to avoid potential manufacturing defects and make great products faster.

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  • What’s new in Simulation Moldflow 2015 New

    Learn about some of the new features in Simulation Moldflow.

  • Flexible solving options New

    The Simulation Moldflow Flex product offering lets you simulate where and how you want, based on your needs.

  • MultiCAD import

    Evaluate a range of potential plastic part designs regardless of where the 3D CAD data comes from. Import Rhino, Alias, and NX files directly.

  • Heating and cooling of plastic injection molds

    Determine temperature distribution and variation in a mold during a plastic injection molding cycle.

  • Fiber orientation in plastic part designs

    Predict the orientation of glass fibers, including long fiber breakage, in fiber-reinforced plastics. Analyze resulting material properties for accurate mechanical performance.

  • Design optimization

    Simulation Moldflow Insight design of experiments (DOE) capabilities are available for all mesh types, molding processes, and analysis sequences.

  • Shrinkage and warpage simulation

    Evaluate plastic part and injection mold designs to help control shrinkage and warpage based on grade-specific materials and processing parameters.

  • Thermoset and thermoplastics

    Simulate Reaction Injection Molding (RIM), resin transfer molding (RTM), Structural Reaction Injection Molding (SRIM), thermoset compression molding, and rubber compound injection molding.

  • Geometry modification

    With Simulation Moldflow, you can use Inventor Fusion to modify or simplify geometry. 

  • Specialized molding processes

    Simulate a wide range of plastic injection molding processes and specialized process applications.

  • CAD interoperability tools

    Use tools for native CAD model translation and optimization.

  • Material data

    Use Moldflow simulation tools with confidence and rely onmaterial data for more than 9,200 plastics.

  • Structural CAE Interfaces

    Validate and optimize plastic part designs using tools to exchange data with structural simulation software.

  • Moldflow Communicator

    Collaborate with manufacturing, engineers, suppliers, and external customers using the free* Simulation Moldflow Communicator software.