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Simulation tools for plastic injection molding

Simulation Moldflow® software provides tools for injection mold design, plastic part design, and the injection molding design process. Simulation Moldflow, part of the Digital Prototyping solution helps you avoid potential manufacturing defects and get innovative products to market faster.

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  • Flexible cloud solving options

    Use Simulation Moldflow Flex to solve locally or solve in the cloud while you continue working.

  • Gas-assist injection molding

    Simulate the gas-assisted injection molding process to optimize gas entrance position, delay time, pressure profile, and packing time, in order to achieve optimal gas penetration.

  • Lightweight manufacturing validation

    Validate the manufacturing process for lightweight component manufacturing using state of the art manufacturing processes. Determine whether your components can be manufactured and meet dimensional as well as functional specifications.

  • Microchip encapsulation

    Simulate the encapsulation process of microchips. Observe the mold filling and curing process of the resin, and account for the deformation of the bonding wires, as well as the lead frame, due to the filling process.

  • Birefringence

    Use Simulation Moldflow to reduce optical quality issues, such as blurring or double images. Many factors influence birefringence, including the material, mold design, and molding conditions. Predict optical performance issues in plastics.

  • Defect visualization

    Simulate the injection molding process to understand how the part geometry, the location of the injection points, and the molding process affect visual defects, like the position of weld lines and the visibility of sink marks, as part shrinkage and warpage. 

  • Shrinkage and warpage

    Simulate the warpage of the manufactured part to ensure the end product's fit and function. Generate accurately compensated models for tooling or further geometry modification.

  • Mold cooling

    Capture advanced cooling techniques and layouts, such as conformal cooling, as well as transient heat calculations. 

  • Fast and easy use

    Simulation Moldflow processing is fast and accurate, and includes real-time, dynamic Adviser wizards to help you make the best design choices.

  • Interoperability

    Whatever CAD system the model was created in, import native CAD models, CAD translations, and neutral files directly into Moldflow. You can also import meshes from different FEA tools, then export analysis results for further use in structural analysis programs.

  • Meshing flexibility

    You have several options for how to best represent the product. Large, thin-walled parts are best represented using Midplane and the patented Moldflow Dual Domain technology, while chunkier parts are best represented with a 3D mesh.