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MultiCAD support and large material library

Simulation Mechanical software helps engineers simulate mechanical designs more efficiently. Learn more about the software’s support for various CAD model formats and its comprehensive material library.

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    User efficiency

  • Geometry preparation with SimStudio Tools New

    Quickly modify, simplify, repair, and idealize your geometry for higher quality simulation models. SimStudio Tools reads in multiple CAD file formats and allows you to quickly eliminate unnecessary detail, create midsurfaces, perform basic repair, or easily make design changes so you can explore various design ideas faster.

  • MultiCAD import New

    Directly import and evaluate designs from software including AutoCAD, Inventor, Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks, Dassault Systèmes Catia, PTC ProE, and PTC CREO, and from file formats including NX, Rhino, IGES, and STEP. Once you have meshed a CAD model, a connection will be created and maintained between the CAD model and the Simulation Mechanical model. If the CAD package and Simulation Mechanical remain opened and if the CAD model is revised, the Simulation Mechanical model will be automatically surface meshed with the previous meshing settings after the CAD model is transferred. 

  • Interoperability with Inventor

    Associatively share data with Inventor. Import solid, surface, and weld geometry; 3D sketches; work points; materials; Inventor Simulation setup data; and part names and colors. Retain surface, edge, and part-based loads and constraints when you modify the CAD geometry. Edit Inventor parameters from within Simulation Mechanical. Perform automated parametric studies for convenient what-if and optimization analyses.

  • Easy-to-use interface

    Import models, set up and run simulations, and visualize and report results through a single, common user interface. Reporting tools automatically convert all user input and result views into a formatted HTML report that you can save as a PDF or Microsoft Word document.

  • Material library

    A built-in library with over 9,000 materials, from structural steels to reinforced polymers, helps you better understand the real-world behavior of products. It’s easy to add and manage custom data: Simulation Mechanical software integrates with MatWeb and Matereality, and manual entry and import options are also available.