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Reliable, versatile FBX export

Report generation features help you share analysis results. Export results as FBX files to advanced visualization software, such as 3ds Max and VRED, to create high-end renderings.

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    Simulation results & data management

  • Stress linearization New

    For linear static stress analyses, define a customizable Stress Classification Line (SCL) and perform stress linearization based on ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (Section 8 Division 2). Determine local stress tensors along the SCL and the resultant bending and membrane stress intensities. Output is based on both the Von Mises and Maximum Shear stress combination equations.

  • Factor of safety

    Analyze and output the factor of safety of every linear design based on the strength of the material for each component. The allowable stress is predefined for most library materials, but you can also choose your own allowable value.

  • Detailed reports

    Quickly create reports with a cover page, table of contents, material information, boundary conditions, mesh properties, and analysis results, including images and animations. Choose from a variety of output formats. 

  • Vault integration

    Vault data management software is embedded in the Simulation Mechanical interface. Use it for search and revision control, as well as to help secure your intellectual property.

  • Advanced visualization

    Integrate with other Autodesk products to help create high-end renderings. Use FBX files to export results to visualization tools such as 3ds Max 3D modeling software and VRED 3D visualization software, or transfer data directly to Showcase 3D presentation software.