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Software for thermal stress analysis

Use Simulation Mechanical software to perform thermal stress and multiphysics analysis. Multiphysics, which uses the results from one analysis type as a load or initial condition within a second, different analysis type, helps predict real-world product behavior.

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  • Combine analysis types

    Complete a number of different multiphysics workflows using Simulation Mechanical software. Set up advanced simulations easily with standard engineering terminology, visual process guidance, and user-friendly tools and wizards that transfer simulation results between multiple analyses. Help designers, engineers, and analysts focus on product performance, rather than advanced numerical or simulation methods.

  • CFD interoperability

    Apply pressure and temperature results from CFD software to simulate thermal and flow stresses (fluid structure interaction) on your mechanical components. After completing your flow simulation, launch the CAD model in Simulation Mechanical software, assign the settings to define the thermal stress analysis, and select the CFD design study file as the temperature source.

  • Moldflow interoperability

    Validate and optimize plastic part designs. Exchange data, including fiber orientation and residual stress, between Moldflow plastic injection molding simulation software and Simulation Mechanical software.