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Software tools for stress analysis

Simulation Mechanical software helps you improve your designs using finite element analysis (FEA) and stress analysis. Powered by Autodesk Nastran FEA solver software, Simulation Mechanical software creates better models by mixing CAD-based geometry, hand-built geometry, and multiple element types.

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    Finite element creation & analysis

  • Automatic meshing

    Generate meshes based on CAD solid or surface geometry from many sources, as well as on 2D outline sketches.

  • Structured meshing

    Use structured meshes to gain control over the size, shape, and quality of every element in the model. You can build structured meshes directly within Simulation Mechanical software—no solid or surface CAD model is needed.

  • Mixed model support

    Combine line, shell, and solid element types in a single model to solve complex assemblies more efficiently. You can combine element types such as brick, tetrahedron, truss, beams, rigid, actuator, pulley, membrane, and composite. Easily combine meshed CAD-based geometry and hand built finite elements. Use associative workflows with certain CAD software to easily perform what-if studies.

  • Pressure vessel

    Create pressure vessels and their components with the included PV-Designer. You can also use this tool to produce mesh that conforms to your analysis requirements. Use Simulation Mechanical software to simulate the performance of the vessel to help ensure that it satisfies requirements.

  • Composite parts definition

    Use failure criteria to address the layer-by-layer properties and fiber orientation of composite parts. Simulation Mechanical software works with Helius Composite software to help you decide which composite layout to use, and to analyze within the context of the overall assembly, including its various materials (steel, rubber, and other fibers and composites).

  • Autodesk Nastran solver

    Run more accurate and reliable simulations. The solver in Autodesk Nastran FEA solver software (included in Simulation Mechanical software) offers advanced analysis capabilities. Rigorous validation using NAFEMS, the Autodesk physical testing labs, and other published benchmarks help ensure the accuracy you need for dependable results.