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Case studies

What Simulation Mechanical users are saying

See how Autodesk customers are using Simulation Mechanical software.

Built to last: Aluminum Curtain Wall Systems

Aluminum Curtain Wall Systems uses Digital Prototyping software from Autodesk to develop customized glazing systems for some of the most demanding architectural projects.

“Before we create a physical prototype, we can test things such as wind loading between buildings, the amount of deflection caused by wind load, thermal efficiency, and convection transmission. Autodesk Simulation software buys us time and confidence.”

—Tim Bourdois, Systems Engineer, Aluminum Curtain Wall Systems Inc.

Validate and optimize design: Balzer Pacific

Balzer Pacific relies on Digital Prototyping software to design and simulate aggregate processing equipment.

“When we simulated the motion of the 108-foot rigid metal conveyor, we could see the front end of the conveyor whipping back and forth. When we built the conveyor, it whipped in exactly the same matter. The fact that Simulation Mechanical predicted this behavior so accurately really impressed us.”

—Andrew Sears, Mechanical Engineer, Balzer Pacific Equipment Company

Reduced engineering time by 40%: Howden France

Howden France, which specializes in air and gas handling equipment, used Simulation Mechanical to cut its lead time through the design office by up to 40%, and also improved its product designs.

“We are using Autodesk Simulation Mechanical once or twice a week. We knew how to create the justification, and the software will soon have paid for itself.”

—Laurent Tisserand, Technical Director, Howden France

Decrease errors and design time: Valiant Machine & Tool

Valiant Machine & Tool uses Autodesk software to help assess whether a new idea is a dead end or a promising beginning.

“Conducting analysis in-house with Autodesk Simulation software helps us reduce errors and design time. We don’t have to wait for an expensive third party to test our designs for us.”

—Tom Stein, Mechanical and Simulation Research and Development Engineer, Valiant Machine & Tool Inc.