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Showcase Viewer

Download the file.

 Showcase Viewer 2014 - 64 bit (exe - 122587Kb)

Getting started

Download additional scenes

To view interactive examples, drag and drop files below into Showcase Viewer. (zip - 21991Kb) (zip - 150671Kb) (zip - 150671Kb) (zip - 61811Kb)

Preparing scenes for use in Showcase Viewer

In a licensed version of Showcase, scenes must be saved using File > Save Scene and Textures as… to create a files compatible with the stand-alone viewer. Standard Showcase scenes may open in Showcase Viewer, but materials, textures, and environments will not appear.

Running Showcase Viewer

1. Download and run the self-extracting archive and specify the destination folder on your computer.
2. In the destination folder find Showcase.exe in the bin folder and double-click the icon to launch Showcase Viewer.
3. Optional: Create a desktop shortcut by right-clicking on Showcase.exe, dragging to the desktop and choosing “Create shortcut here” from the Windows menu.


If you experience problems starting the Showcase Viewer: 
Check that you have the following software installed. (Confirm in Windows Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs. Most Windows systems will already have this software installed.)

System requirements

List of certified hardware