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Advanced structural analysis software

Robot™ Structural Analysis Professional structural engineering software includes advanced building simulation and structural analysis capabilities for both simple and complex structures. Structural engineers can more quickly perform simulation and analysis on a variety of structures with a smoother workflow and more succinct results.

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    Analysis methods

  • Flexible cloud solving options

    Simulate wind loads both locally and in the cloud.

  • Direct Analysis Method

    The Direct Analysis Method (DAM) is an AISC approach for stability design applicable to steel structures of all structural system types.

  • Wide range of analysis capabilities

    Investigate the linear and nonlinear behavior of many structure types.

  • Dynamic analysis solvers

    Fast, dynamic solvers enable you to carry out structural dynamic analysis for structures of any size.

    Boundary conditions & meshing

  • Wind load simulation

    Create virtual wind tunnel simulations to test structural designs for wind loads.

  • Advanced auto-meshing and structural modeling

    Powerful auto-meshing generation techniques help structural engineers to work more easily with the most complex models.

  • Materials and design codes support

    Quickly access more than 60 global sections and materials databases.

  • Integrated solution for concrete and steel

    Create reinforced concrete design and steel design modules based on more than 40 international steel codes and 30 reinforced concrete codes.

  • Structural loads and load combinations

    Depending on load duration and type, you can create different defined loads, such as dead, live, wind, or seismic.

    Collaboration & reporting

  • Bidirectional link with Revit

    The link between Revit building design software and Robot Structural Analysis Professional software supports an iterative design process and data exchange.

  • Localized for global markets

    Support multinational design teams using many languages.

  • Open and flexible API

    Robot Structural Analysis Professional uses Microsoft Component Object Model (COM) technologies for an open and flexible API.

  • Reporting analysis results support

    Experience flexibility in obtaining and reporting structural analysis results.