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MEP system design and plumbing design tools

Revit® software provides mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) engineers with the tools to design even the most complex building systems. View images of Revit tools that support design of HVAC, piping, electrical, and more.

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  • New

    Trim/Extend Multiple Elements

    Trim / Extend can be used on multiple elements using box selection.

  • New

    Family Parameter Order Adjustment

    Maintain parameter order as you specify.

  • New

    Tooltips for Family Parameters

    Customize Revit MEP tooltips and communicate parameters and their use.

  • New

    Calculation methods for pressure drop

    Calculate duct and pipe pressure drop using either Haaland or Colebrook equations.

  • New

    Assembly Code Settings

    UniformatClassifications.txt location can be modified and reloaded.

  • Conceptual design tools

    Sketch freely, and create free-form models.

  • Autodesk Exchange

    Access functionality through Autodesk Exchange.

  • Parametric components

    The graphical system for design, form making.

  • Bidirectional associativity

    A change anywhere is a change everywhere.

  • HVAC/electrical design room color-fill plans

    Communicate design intent, visually.

  • Piping and electrical content

    Access electrical content within Revit. (video: 0:53 sec.)

  • System browser

    Focus on the systems that are important to you.

  • Enhanced MEP systems

    Create and name duct and piping system types.

  • Sloped piping

    Tools support enhanced productivity for piping design.

  • Point cloud tools

    Connect laser scans directly into the BIM process.

  • Temporary view templates

    Change view properties temporarily.