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Expert CAM for high-speed machining

PowerMill® software includes high-speed, high-feed strategies offering increased metal removal rates when using solid carbide and inserted cutting tools. Create smooth, efficient programs to make parts faster.

High-speed machining

  • New

    2.5D programming

    Explore 2.5D machining of prismatic features.

  • Expert performance

    Calculate high-quality toolpaths for complex parts. (video 2:18 min.)

  • High-speed roughing

    Improve productivity through high-speed roughing. (video 2:52 min.)

  • Comprehensive finishing

    Expert finishing of complex parts. (video 2:38 min.)

  • Every CAD support

    Machine surfaces, solids and meshes in any condition.

  • Rib machining


    Use rib machining as a low-cost alternative to EDM.