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High-speed machining for multi-axis CNC

PowerMill® CAM software provides tools for high-speed machining and multi-axis CNC. Rapidly create high-quality toolpaths and NC programs that meet your unique needs.

High-speed machining

  • New

    2.5D programming

    Explore 2.5D machining of prismatic features.

  • Expert performance

    Calculate high-quality toolpaths for complex parts. (video 2:18 min.)

  • High-speed roughing

    Improve productivity through high-speed roughing. (video 2:52 min.)

  • Comprehensive finishing

    Expert finishing of complex parts. (video 2:38 min.)

  • Every CAD support

    Machine surfaces, solids and meshes in any condition.

  • Rib machining


    Use rib machining as a low-cost alternative to EDM.

5-axis programming for multi-axis machines

  • 5-axis machining


    Multi-axis programming for 5-axis machines. (video 2:54 min.)

  • Expert 5-axis control


    Realize expert control of your 5-axis NC machine (video 2:33 min.)

  • 3+2 programming

    3+2 machining reduces setup time and costs. 

  • Comprehensive tool support

    Build your tools and use for 3- and 5-axis.

Expert control & optimization

  • Toolpath optimization

    Get toolpath optimization for complex programming. (video 2:28 min.)

  • Link control

    Better control connections to reduce polishing.

  • Customization and automation

    Automate repetitive tasks with customization. (video 2:33 min.) 

  • Tooling database

    Assemble your cutters and share with your team.

  • Setup sheets

    Share critical manufacturing information with your team.

  • Trusted NC code output

    Post processing to use your CNC to the fullest

Machine simulation & verification

  • Collision checking and avoidance

    Protect your part, tool, and machine. (video 2:08 min.)

  • Machine simulation

    Build confidence by simulating your machining.

  • Optimizing machine motion


    Optimize your NC machine motion. (video 2:26 min.)

  • Stock removal simulation

    Visualize stock removal and predict surface finish.

  • Verification exports


    Use third-party verification for confidence.

Industry machining solutions

  • New

    Turning CAM

    Turn parts on your mill-turn machine.

  • Electrode manufacture


    Get automated electrode production tools. (video 2:25)

  • Industrial robotics


    Drive the future of robotic manufacture. (video 2:31)

  • Expert blade milling


    Explore programming solutions for turbine blades.

  • Blisk and impeller machining


    Produce complex blisks and impellers using 5-axis CAM.

  • Port and manifold manufacture


    Explore precision 5-axis tools for port machining.