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Advertising opportunities

Advertising opportunities


Cultivate brand intimacy by engaging with our creative, prominently millennial audience.

Creative Projects We Design for Brands

We’ll create great branded content—then watch its value multiply as our community engages with it and riffs on it, making it uniquely their own. We’ll distribute your creative projects freely through various channels to reach our community. They’ll evangelize your brand and connect with it across their own influencer networks.

Mike’s Hard Lemonade branded tent stake created by Autodesk advertising

Mike’s Hard Lemonade

A Mike’s Hard Lemonade bottle does double-duty as a branded tent stake marker, preventing midnight tent tripping hazards. #mikehacks

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Home Depot twin socket pendant light created by Autodesk advertising

The Home Depot

To highlight in-store programming, we partnered with The Home Depot to bring the Instructables community to their lighting and electrical hub.

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RadioShack Light-Up Disco Table


Every apartment needs awesome furniture, so why not make your own? This coffee table contains LED strips that light up into various customizable patterns and colors. The lights are controlled by a RadioShack Arduino and a hidden button, and the entire thing is battery powered so there are no cords.

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We attract more than 25 million individuals who are anything but average.

Creative and mobile

Our audience includes knitting experts, custom furniture designers, and robot creators, among others. More than 50% of our traffic comes from mobile.


Custom contests, beautifully branded collections, and unique sponsored content engage our audience with seamless and native brand integration.


Users become brand evangelists, distributing content across social channels and amplifying your reach.



Average number of minutes spent per user on a project

Instructables robot


Number of Instructables created per day

3D printer, circuit board


Number of project channels on Instructables


The m/ Age explores the intersection of millennials, making, and media as well as the impact on marketers and brand advertisers.

Millennial makers & brands

Instructables helps brands connect with an elusive audience : highly engaged, creative millennials.

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Millennials improve DIY

Facing the toughest job market in years, millennials increasingly rely on themselves to create the things they need.

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What millennials see in brands

This demographic poses a challenge for brands: how do you connect with a group of innovative makers who are reluctant to shop?

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