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Create models for simulation and analysis

Navisworks® Building Information Modeling (BIM) simulation and analysis features enable easier project scheduling, BIM visualization, and 5D analysis. Simulate construction schedules and logistics; develop compelling 3D animations and imagery including materials, lights, and backgrounds; and create animations of objects for clash and interference analysis.

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    Model simulation & analysis

  • 5D project scheduling includes time and cost


    Simulate construction project scheduling in 5D to visually communicate and analyze project activities and minimize delays and sequencing problems.

    • Help confirm building or demolition viability by developing construction or demolition sequences that link model geometry to times and dates.
    • Import times, dates, costs, and other task data from project management software to dynamically link schedules with project models.
    • Set up planned and actual times to visualize deviations from the project schedule.
    • Export 5D simulations as AVI animations or sequential images.
    • Customize simulation behavior and overlay text.
    • Use CSV Import/Export for 2-way interoperability with other applications.
    • Copy and paste dates from spreadsheets and specialist planning tools.
    • Use tools to associate geometry and tasks quickly and easily.
  • Photorealistic model rendering


    Use photorealistic model rendering capabilities to develop compelling 3D animations and imagery for project presentations.

    • Customize and configure every render aspect, including materials, lights, backgrounds, and rendering styles.
    • Use environmental backgrounds to add real-world scenery.
    • Choose from more than 1,000 built-in materials to create a photorealistic look.
    • Add rich photorealistic content (RPC), such as people and trees, to scenes.
    • Add smooth shadows and natural lighting with HDRI lighting.
    • Use real-time shaders that support the OpenGL 2.0 shader language for real-time lighting and shadows.
    • Create believable nighttime imagery with light-scattering effects.
    • Create your own transparent materials with support for PNG files with transparency.
  • Object animation and model simulation


    Animate and interact with objects for better model simulation.

    • Create animations showing object movement, operation, assembly, and disassembly.
    • Create interaction scripts that link animations to specific events, triggers, or key commands.
    • Link object animations to tasks in a 5D schedule.
    • Include animated objects in a clash detection and interference analysis.
  • Smooth interaction with quantification data


    Bring quantities from an aggregated model into a project. Mine quantities from model properties, and create placeholders for items not in the model. In addition, you can tie quantification data to model objects without properties. This ability to go from high-level detailed models to virtually no details and still allow for more accurate quantity takeoff supports the entire project team, from design to field execution.

    • Item and resource catalogues
      • Import or create item and resource catalogues
      • Associate items with resources
      • Use formulas in catalogues
      • Export catalogue
    • Model takeoff
      • Automated takeoff from object parameters
      • Manual takeoff for modeled objects
      • Virtual takeoff for nonmodeled objects
    • Workbook
      • Quantification reporting
      • Export to Microsoft Excel
    • Change management