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Injection molding validation and optimization

Moldflow® plastic injection molding simulation software helps validate your designs and manufacturing process. Use the visualization tools to optimize plastic molding parameters and reduce part defects.

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    Validation optimization

  • Export results to structural package

    Use Advanced Material Exchange to transfer Moldflow data to Helius PFA projects for detailed composite structural analysis. Map material properties and fiber orientations from your Moldflow simulation to a structural package. Helius PFA uses the results to predict material nonlinearity and structural response.

    Exporting "as-manufactured" simulation data from Moldflow enables a more realistic structural verification of your injection molded part early in the design cycle.

  • Runner balancing

    Perform mold-filling analysis of multicavity and family molds. Runner balancing ensures that all the cavities of a mold fill at the same time and with evenly distributed pressure.

    Use Moldflow software to optimize the runner diameter for each cavity or segment of a mold, for even and more consistent results.

  • Design of experiments (DOE)

    Understand the stability of your manufacturing process, and identify the major factors that influence your product defects or machine molding limits. Use design of experiments (DOE) analysis to determine which input process variables, such as mold temperature or injection time, can influence the quality of the part.

  • Parametric study

    Run a series of analyses to investigate and optimize the molding process based on your defined quality parameters. Use the parametric study function in Moldflow to change molding parameters by a specified amount.

    Then, visualize the effect of the parameter change on the part quality. This provides an intuitive way to understand the molding parameters that can help you achieve your quality goals.