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Save time with integrated simulation tools

Moldflow® plastic injection molding simulation software lets you create custom tools and run up to 3 analyses at the same time. Moldflow is integrated with many Autodesk products to work together seamlessly.

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    User efficiency

  • Cloud service

    Flexible cloud solving options New

    With Moldflow, you can run multiple simulations in the cloud simultaneously, while you continue to work on other tasks on your computer.

    For example, if you're testing the setup of an analysis, use your local resources to iterate and optimize your setup. For longer, more computationally intensive simulations, use the cloud, and keep your local resources available for other work.

  • Analysis reports New

    Automation can bring huge time savings to repetitive and time consuming tasks. Easily generate, share, and communicate your Moldflow analysis results with your internal and external teams. Use the report generator to create template reports in HTML, Microsoft Word, and PowerPoint. 

    • Customize the templates with notes, images, and animations. 
    • Import the study or project files to open in Moldflow.
    • Or select the Moldflow results you want to share and export them to other programs.

    Moldflow tools for analysis reports help you reduce the time spent on creating great looking professional analysis reports.

  • Cloud service

    Access to cloud analysis New

    Run multiple analyses in the cloud with Moldflow Insight. Quickly solve larger analyses without compromising your local resource capacity.

    Buy cloud credits to tap in to extra solving capacity when needed and to run Design of Experiments (DOE). Save both time and computing resources. Get results more quickly, so you can understand your design parameters sooner.

    Cloud credits can be purchased by subscribers or maintenance plan customers. You can buy cloud credits from a reseller, directly from an Autodesk sales representative, or from the Autodesk Store through your Autodesk Account.

  • Usability improvements New

    Improvements in the latest 2017 release of Moldflow injection molding simulation software include: streamlined workflows, ribbon customization, surface mesh modifications, synchronization of clipping planes in locked windows, tools for simulating local mesh density, and more.

  • SimStudio Tools for Moldflow

    SimStudio Tools is a direct modeler that helps you freely work on geometry with simple commands to move, edit, combine, or remove features. SimStudio Tools is a companion to Moldflow products and your CAD system.

    SimStudio Tools reads in multiple CAD file formats, including Inventor, SOLIDWORKS, Creo, and many more. No matter what design program was used to create the model, you can work with it inside SimStudio to quickly make design changes and explore more design ideas.

    Without affecting your original CAD model, SimStudio Tools lets you:

    • Create solid and surface bodies.
    • Simplify, remove, or thicken features.
    • Repair models manually or with Auto Fix, and more.

    Once your model is ready in SimStudio Tools, push it directly to Moldflow or save it as a neutral file for any other work you may want to do later.

  • Refined user experience

    We’ve made several user requested enhancements to improve your productivity during pre- and post-processing. User interface improvements include permanent ribbon tabs, customizable and moveable command groups, and refined right-mouse contextual menus. Colors from CAD models are preserved upon import.

    Additional enhancements let you:

    • Select layer contents from the layer control window.
    • Copy and paste study settings without the geometry.
    • View logs and notes of analysis without opening the study.
  • Improved results interpretation

    We've added several new results and enhanced existing results to provide more insight into analysis results.

    Results enhancements include:

    • Examine results across multiple locked windows
    • Animate XY plots
    • New symbols for easier interpretation

    New results include:

    • Cavity weight
    • Initial bending moment
    • Flow front speed
    • 3D weld surface
  • Meshing productivity

    Easily create, repair, and refine meshes with new capabilities for mesh selection and node previews during remeshing. Usability improvements to the diagnostic navigator help you be more productive.

  • Fast and easy to use

    Moldflow processing is fast and accurate. Moldflow includes real-time, dynamic help wizards to help you make the best design choices. The help wizards in Moldflow can help with:

    • Automated import, mesh, healing, and mesh type suitability diagnostics
    • Instant quick fill previews
    • Ideal gate analysis and location
    • Automatic flow analysis with the gate location analysis
    • Manufacturing optimization, confidence of fill, and quality prediction


  • Meshing flexibility

    With Moldflow software, you have several options for how to best represent the product. Large, thin-walled parts are best represented using midplane and the patented Moldflow Dual Domain technology, while thicker parts are best represented with a 3D mesh.

  • Material databases

    Choose the best material for your product. The extensive databases of materials in Moldflow help you simulate many different materials for injection molding. The databases update continuously and include more than 9,500 plastics that are characterized for injection molding simulation. Several databases also include parameters such as coolants, mold materials, and injection molding machines.

    Add frequently used or customized materials to the database for your records. Combined certified materials rate the confidence level of the material data for filling, packing, and warpage applications. Confidence levels are denoted by gold, silver, and bronze quality indicators.

  • Simultaneous solving

    Moldflow Insight Premium and Moldflow Insight Ultimate solvers enable you to run up to 3 analyses simultaneously, so you can analyze several results at the same time. In addition, your team can increase productivity by having up to 3 people run their analyses at the same time.

  • Automatic Programming Interface (API)

    Streamline your simulation process. Create custom tools to reduce repetitive sets of tasks or to build customized workflows.The Moldflow Insight user interface (Synergy) includes the API automation layer based on a simple Visual Basic Script (VBS).

    With no previous experience, you can:

    • Start a script by recording a set of steps with the record tool.
    • Then edit and expand on it, using script-editing tools or Notepad.

    You can even use a script from a third-party application to view, for example, a result within a specific design tolerance.

  • Integration with simulation products

    Moldflow injection molding simulation software integrates with many other Autodesk products, such as Simulation MechanicalCFD, Showcase, VRED, Vault product data management software, and SimStudio Tools.

  • Interoperability

    Import native CAD models, CAD translations, and neutral files directly into Moldflow software, no matter which CAD system was used to create them. You can also import meshes from different FEA tools, then export analysis results for further use in structural analysis programs. Use multiple native files for design optimization.