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Tools for 3D rendering and imaging

Maya® 3D rendering and imaging software helps you turn your ideas into images—whether your target platform is the big screen or small. You can also create highly realistic imagery and stylized cartoons.

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    3D rendering & imaging

  • Additional look development shading nodes New


    Create sophisticated looks easily with new procedural texture and image processing nodes in the Hypershade. Fully procedural textures make shading complex scenes easier, with less reliance on file texturing and more opportunity to build flexible shading solutions.

  • Enhanced look development workflow New

    We've made building and editing materials in the Hypershade more artist-friendly and intuitive, with simpler workflows and a revamped user interface. A rebuilt node-editing interface makes it easier to connect, arrange, and work with shading components. New workflows enable you to visualize and diagnose complex shading graphs. Customize your UI for the way you work; new layout tabs allow you to work with shading graphs in a far more organized way.

  • Color management New

    Preserve creative intent throughout lighting and rendering workflows with a sophisticated color management system. Use the simple linear workflow provided out of the box, or customize the system to suit your color pipeline. Image handling is consistent and color-safe across The Foundry's NUKE software, Photoshop, Autodesk Creative Finishing solutions, and other applications.

  • Integrated renderer options

    Get a choice of integrated renderers in addition to the native Maya software renderer. The integrated mental ray for Maya has advanced photorealistic features. Maya includes 5 licenses of mental ray for Maya Batch* and 8 licenses of mental ray for Maya Satellite. 

    *Feature available only with network license.

  • Painting in Maya

    Create realistic, natural detail and painterly effects with intuitive brush-based tools. Select, edit, and blend between 500 pressure-sensitive preset brushes that enable you to paint textures directly onto surfaces. Simulate plants growing and other effects with built-in animation. Control how Paint Effects strokes react with surfaces, volumes, and each other. 

  • Toon Shader

    Transform 3D scenes into compelling cartoon animations with nonphotorealistic styles. Mimic hand-drawn, traditional cartoon, comic book, and Japanese manga/anime looks. Work in 3D to create complex transitions, camera tracking, and simulated effects. Create outlines with painterly effects and precise control over line style, placement, and width. View interactive previews in real time, and render results in mental ray for Maya, Maya software, or hardware renderers.

  • Next-gen viewport display and shading (enhanced)

    Work in a higher fidelity high-performance interactive environment to edit assets and images in less time.

    • Viewport 2.0 supports additional effects, rendering, and texturing features such as particles, Maya nHair, Maya nCloth, and more.
    • Interactively preview output from the XGen Arbitrary Primitive Generator and the Bifrost Procedural Effects Platform.
    • Get powerful DirectX 11 software with the Maya DX11Shader* for real-time shader effects.

    *DX11Shader is available only on the Windows 64-bit operating system.

  • ShaderFX 3D shading

    Easily create advanced HLSL, GLSL, and CgFX viewport shaders with the ShaderFX real-time visual shader editor. Create shader networks by connecting different nodes with a click-drag workflow. Select floating-point values, mathematical operations, texture maps, normal maps, and color nodes. Visualize materials in real time, and drill down into the inner workings of each basic node.

  • Rendering, 3D shading, and camera tracking

    Flexible camera rig features in-viewport stereo viewing. Multithreaded Interactive Photorealistic Renderer (IPR) enables easier iteration. Intuitively create, edit, and organize shading networks with advanced node-based editors. Work with node-based representations of render passes directly in Maya. Transfer normal, displacement, diffuse, shaded, ambient occlusion, and custom mental ray shader information between models. Library includes 80 Substance procedural textures.

  • Ptex support in mental ray

    Render Ptex texture files in mental ray for Maya. Eliminate the need to create and assign UVs to meshes by creating Ptex files in Mudbox 2015 3D digital sculpting and texture painting software or certain other texture painting applications and rendering them in mental ray for Maya.

  • Maya Composite

    The fully featured, high-performance, high dynamic range (HDR)-capable compositor enables you to collaborate effectively with stakeholders in nonlinear workflows. Enhance rendered passes from Maya and incorporate them into live-action footage, and interact smoothly with visual media regardless of bit depth or image size.

  • Professional camera tracking

    Extract accurate 3D camera and motion data from live-action sequences and insert CG elements into a scene using MatchMover software. Use advanced automatic 3D tracking with Push-Button Matchmoving. Create a 3D reference system for your camera and 3D content with manual controls. Filter and fine-tune tracking parameters, track from multiple footage sources and stills, and track moving objects.

NOTE: This feature is exclusively available to current Maintenance Subscription or Desktop Subscription customers as part of Extension 1 for the Maya 2016 software release, expected to be available on or after September 9, 2015.