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3D character modeling and environment modeling

Maya® software provides powerful, production-proven tools for 3D character modeling and environment modeling. Build and texture both organic and hard-surface models with an extensive polygon, NURBS, and subdivision surface toolset.

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    3D modeling

  • Streamlined retopology toolset New

    More easily optimize meshes for cleaner deformations and better performance.

  • Polygon modeling New

    Enjoy more reliable and faster polygon modeling with better Booleans, enhanced beveling, and deeper integration of the Modeling Toolkit.

  • OpenSubdiv support New

    Get faster draw performance, displacement map visualization, and RenderMan matching for subdivision surfaces with support for OpenSubdiv libraries.

  • UV toolset New

    Quickly create and edit complex UV meshes, and get faster results when working with tiled texture sequences.

  • Polygon and subdivision mesh modeling

    Use a production-proven and intuitive 3D character modeling and environment modeling toolset for creating and editing polygon meshes.

  • Surface modeling

    Get two methods for creating mathematically smooth surfaces using relatively few control vertices: NURBS and hierarchical subdivision surfaces.

  • UVs, normals, and color-per-vertex

    Create and edit UVs, normals, and color-per-vertex data. Extra data is required for software, interactive, or in-game 3D rendering.