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AnyCAD and new Inventor features

Inventor® 2016 and Inventor® Professional 2016 3D CAD modeling software products are designed to help increase productivity for both new and longtime users. Professional-grade engineering tools connect process, people, and data throughout your organization.

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    Engineering design productivity

  • AnyCAD New


    AnyCAD is integrated file interoperability technologhy that provides direct associative capabilities without the need for file translation. 

  • Sheet metal design New


    Simplify sheet metal design and complex mechanical part design, and improve your productivity with Digital PrototypingInventor combines manufacturing information—such as punch tool parameters and custom bend tables—with an accurate 3D model of sheet metal folding. 

  • Assembly design and ease of assembly New


    Control data for large assembly designs so you can work on components for just part of the design. Define position and describe part motion in 1 step. Combine design accelerators with assembly tools to be sure that every part and component in an assembly design fits correctly. Accurately validate interference and mass properties to help produce quality products the first time. Quickly assemble individual parts and subassemblies to define the complete product structure.

  • Plastic part design New


    Get maximum flexibility by combining native Inventor geometry with exterior surface models designed in Alias industrial design softwareThe relationship between Alias and Inventor can reduce time to market, enabling engineers to start detailed designs earlier and mechanical engineers to easily incorporate changes from the industrial design team.

  • Tooling and mold design New


    Automate key aspects of injection mold design for plastic parts. Quickly create and validate complete mold designs, helping to reduce errors and improve mold performance. With its intuitive mold design workflow, Inventor guides you through the mold design process in a way that is natural for the experienced user and supportive for the novice.

  • Free-form modeling shape creation New


    Model organic shapes and incorporate free-form and parametric workflows into a single model. These tools provide an alternate modeling approach to explore and create free-form shaped models using direct manipulation. Start with a free-form shape that best represents the desired geometry (box, sphere, cylinder, torus, or quadball). Then use the free-form editing tools to adjust the shape.

    Integrated CAD simulation

  • Integrated motion simulation New


    Use motion simulation software—not intuition—to support your design decisions. The motion simulation feature uses the assembly constraints in your 3D model to identify relevant rigid bodies, generate correct motion joints, and compute dynamic behavior. This functionality can help you quickly understand how the design behaves, including the position, velocity, and acceleration of moving parts.