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Design simulation features

Integrated simulation software helps you predict how your design will work under real-world conditions before it’s built. Inventor® Professional software provides easy-to-use motion and simulation tools to help you optimize material selection and validate product performance early in the design process.

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    Integrated CAD simulation

  • Integrated motion simulation New


    Use motion simulation software—not intuition—to support your design decisions. The motion simulation feature uses the assembly constraints in your 3D model to identify relevant rigid bodies, generate correct motion joints, and compute dynamic behavior. This functionality can help you quickly understand how the design behaves, including the position, velocity, and acceleration of moving parts.

  • Ease of use: Inventor simulation


    Optimize and validate product performance before the product is built. Easy-to-use and tightly integrated motion simulation and stress analysis tools can enable you to predict how the design will work under real-world conditions, helping you save time and reduce prototyping costs.

  • Integrated finite element analysis


    Increase the accuracy and reliability of your design stress analysis. Use integrated finite element analysis (FEA) to predict stress and deflection with accurate peak loads by transferring reaction forces from simulation time steps to stress analysis.

  • Sustainable design


    Eco Materials Adviser enables mechanical designers to optimize material selection based on environmental impact and cost while considering performance. Jointly developed with Granta Design Ltd., the Eco Materials Adviser gives you access to environmental information on materials, as well as analysis and reporting tools to make better sustainable design decisions within your existing mechanical CAD process.