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InfraWorks 360 vs. InfraWorks in a suite

InfraWorks software comes in different configurations that offer specific levels of functionality to fit your budget, workflow, and design needs. Compare InfraWorks 360 and InfraWorks in a Suite to determine which best suits your projects.

Products InfraWorks 360 with access to Roadway Design for InfraWorks 360 and Bridge Design for InfraWorks 360
InfraWorks 360
Infrastructure Design Suite Ultimate 2015
InfraWorks 2015 in a Design Suite
Early-stage design
Intuitive user experience
Sketching and layout capabilities
Quickly create multiple proposals
Create model with imported data (CAD, 3D model, GIS, raster)
Dynamic site analysis
Measure distances and areas
Shadow and lighting analysis
Theme palettes
Model creation
Automate model creation
Access GIS data from USGS, OpenStreetMap, and more
Visual storytelling
Ultra-realistic visual effects
Explore live models in the cloud
Manage and publish models
Quantitative, real-time feedback
Perform cloud data translation
Autodesk cloud credits
Standards-driven roadway design
Standards-driven intersections
Standards-driven road markings
AutoCAD Civil 3D drawing creation
Profile optimization
Slope and fixed width grading
Sight distance analysis
bridge DESIGN*
Review material quantities
Check conformance to clearance envelopes
Lay out rule-driven girder bridges
Evaluate multiple bridge design alternatives
Drainage DESIGN*
Standards-driven watershed analysis
Delineate watersheds
Parametric culvert placement and sizing
Storm sewer network modeling
Review drainage system quantities
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*A license of an InfraWorks 360 vertical application, like Roadway Design for InfraWorks 360, is required in addition to InfraWorks 360 in order to perform these functions.