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Advanced capabilities

Perform road design in context

InfraWorks 360 software includes roadway design capabilities to help highway engineering professionals create data-rich models and engineer roadways in context. Streamline roadway geometry layout, including intersection design, with powerful, rules-based toolsets and analysis capabilities to help uncover potential impacts in the preliminary design phase.

Video: Roadway Design for InfraWorks 360 helps highway engineering professionals create data-rich models and engineer roadways in context

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Features & benefits

Advanced road and highway capabilities help civil engineering professionals working on transportation projects to explore preliminary design options and optimize project performance.

Dedicated tools for roads and highways

Engineer roadways with tangents, curves, and spirals that are constrained by design criteria. Specialized features include: 

  • Style zones within road sections
  • Fixed-slope grading
  • Fixed-width parametric grading

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Rules-driven intersection design

Use a data-rich model to streamline intersection geometry layout with discipline-specific authoring tools that incorporate parametric controls, support engineering standards, and provide design validation rules.

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Standards-driven and dynamic road markings

Use design standards and configurable rules to define and modify stop and yield line locations and manually control median and road markings.

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Rules-driven on/off ramps

Model interchanges with uninterrupted traffic flows using design standards and configurable rules for turning direction of intersecting roadways. Make manual changes to roadway ramps as desired.

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Sight distance analysis

Identify sight distance failure zones, demonstrate desired and actual sight envelopes with informational tooltips. Identify driver sight obstructions and perform lane-by-lane analysis with road sight analytics.

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Data exchange with
Civil 3D

Intelligent roadway data such as horizontal alignments, vertical alignments, and intersections can be imported into Civil 3D with a simple workflow.

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Data exchange from
Civil 3D

Complex horizontal and vertical geometry from Civil 3D is supported in InfraWorks 360, enabling corridors, alignments, and roadways to be brought back into InfraWorks 360 for visualization and collaboration.

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