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Advanced capabilities

Speed drainage design and analysis

InfraWorks 360 software includes drainage design capabilities to help civil engineers accelerate roadway drainage design and analysis. Take advantage of the robust, data-rich model created in InfraWorks 360, built-in design standards, and cloud computing to automate processes, improve design accuracy, and better understand drainage impacts of road design in less time.

Video: Drainage Design for InfraWorks 360 helps civil engineers design and analyze roadway drainage faster

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Features & benefits

Specialized tools for drainage design can help improve effectiveness and efficiency when analyzing watersheds and automating culvert design and layout of pavement drainage.

Watershed Analysis
cloud services

Delineate watersheds and streams across large terrain surfaces. Examine terrain to find watersheds and calculate peak flow values for use in cross-drainage design.

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Standards-driven culvert design

Rapidly place, size, and compute cross-drainage designs.
Analysis-driven rules determine culvert solution. Designs are resized for culvert configuration changes.

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Automated drainage

Quickly model and modify drainage networks. Edit design rules and modify design (inlets and manholes).

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Drainage catalog
and quantities

Access extended library of drainage features including maholes and inlet types. Create early estimate of component costs including culverts, inlets, manholes, and pipe.

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Inlet and pipe design

Analysis-driven workflow where model context drives the analysis and heuristics for inlet, manhole and pipe design.

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Outfalls design

User-controlled path for drainage piping and outfalls for customized network layouts.

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Culvert reporting

Generate culvert design and analysis reports and distribute to stakeholders. Improve understanding, gain critical buy-in, or analyze preliminary designs to make better decisions earlier.

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Data exchange with
Civil 3D  

Support for complex Civil 3D geometries. Import Civil 3D pavement drainage networks to InfraWorks 360 for visualization and analysis.

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Data exchange from
Civil 3D

Intelligent pipe network data such as horizontal and vertical alignments can be imported into Civil 3D with a simple workflow.

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