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Collaborating on a design or sharing design data with others in the cloud streamlines workflows.  Get an overview of how this works within Fusion 360 and A360 to get started.


The first step to leveraging the collaboration capabilities in Fusion 360 is to understand how it works.  Learn how A360 and Fusion 360 work together to provide streamlined data management and team collaboration.

  • Collaborate with A360 and Fusion 360

  • Collaboration with groups and hubs

How to's

Learn how to invite people to your projects for collaboration.  Share comments or collaborate on distributed designs, all in the Fusion 360 Data Panel or in your A360 account. 

  • Save and share designs with collaborators

  • Use Live Review

  • Use distributed design to collaborate

Hands-on Exercises

Now you’re ready to put your skills into practice. Try these hands-on exercises to get started.

  • Create a project

  • Manage your project

  • Grant access to your project

Create a Project




Learn to create a new project to manage your data.

  1. Save the model
  2. Create a new project


  1. The Data Panel is not displayed, by default. Click the Show Data Panel  command to open it. The Data Panel Homepage lists your projects. It also includes sets of Samples.
  2. Double-click the name of the project or a sample to access data that are contained within particular project or sample folder.

Step 1: Save the model and Create a New Project


With the Utility Knife design open, we can perform two steps at once - save our file, and create a new project:

  1. Click File > Save As.

2. Leave the default name in the Name edit field.

3. By default, the Save dialog box is collapsed. Click the button next to the Save to a project in the cloud to expand the dialog box.

4. Click + Project to create a new project.  

5.Name the project “Project”. Click Enter.

6. Click Save.

In the next lesson, we discuss how to rename our project.

Manage your project




Learn how to rename a project by:

  1. Return to the Projects Homepage
  2. Rename a project
  3. Open the project


Step 1: Rename a Desired Project

  1. Return to the Projects Homepage by clicking on the Leave Data Details  icon at the top of the Data Panel.

2. We want to make sure we have an-up-to-date data, so let's click the Refresh in the upper part of the Data Panel.

3. Right-click the Project , and select Rename from the menu.  

4. Enter the new name: New Design Project. Click Enter.  

Step 2: Open a Project

  1. Double-click the New Design Project name to open that project.

In the next lesson, we discuss how to grant access to your design.

Grant Access To Your Project




Learn how to invite members to work on your project.

  1. Grant access to your project
  2. Return to your project


Step 1: Grant Access To Your Project

You can control who has access to the design and other data within projects. Invite other collaborators to access your project.

  1. In the upper part of the Data Panel click the People tab.
  2. Enter an email address of another Fusion 360 user who you would like to have access. (If you don’t have one feel free to use michael.aubry@autodesk.com). Once added, the user will receive an email notifying him or her of their addition.
  3. Click Invite.

A list of people invited to a project is displayed in the Data Panel. The moderator of the project (a person who originally created the project) is marked with a green start  icon, and a "Moderator" title.

Invited members can also invite other people to work on a project, the moderator must give an approval to the invited people.

Step 2: Return to Your Data Project

  1. To return to your project,
    click Data tab in the upper part of the Data Panel.

In the next lesson, we discuss how to edit our model to create a version of our model.