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Fusion 360 Ultimate Coming this Tuesday, Startup license expanded

11/14/14 – A quick update, we have decided to push out our release by a few more days to get all the last minute updates in. We will release on Tuesday, November 18th. Thanks for your patience.




Following up on Kevin’s blog on what is coming in the November release, I wanted to share some additional details.


As Kevin indicated, we are finalizing some last minute updates to the product and pushed the release out to November 15 18. We appreciate you hanging in there, and you will have access to Fusion 360 Ultimate in a couple of days.


We had an overwhelming response to the introductory offer for Fusion 360 Ultimate. In case you missed my blog post, as an existing Fusion 360 subscriber, you will now have access to Fusion 360 Ultimate (for the price of standard Fusion 360 for life). We have decided to extend that date to December 13th.


In addition, we are excited to announce that we will be able to bring Fusion 360 Ultimate on the Mac Apple Store in the next few months. Fingers crossed on that.


There have been quite a few questions on our forums and blogs about migration and timing related to this announcement, please go this FAQ with the list of most commonly asked questions.


Finally, thanks for your feedback on whether Fusion 360 Ultimate should be available to Startups. We listened to the community’s feedback and we are making it available. Give us a couple of weeks to sort out the details and you will see that option appear on our website.


Look forward to your feedback.


Vikram Dutt

Fusion 360 Team


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