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Expanding the Fusion 360 Family: Introducing Fusion 360 Ultimate

Expanding the Fusion 360 Family: Introducing Fusion 360 Ultimate


Update 10/15 – based on community feedback we are keeping drawings in standard. Link to new article here


I hope the September release is living up to your expectations and you probably already know that the Fusion 360 team is hard at work on the October release. Your feedback powers this cycle – so please keep it coming. The depth and breadth of Fusion 360 is rapidly expanding, driven by ideas and feedback from the Fusion 360 community, and we will be introducing a new tier to the product line: Fusion 360 Ultimate. Before you yell “bait and switch!”, let me be perfectly clear about something: if you are a paying Fusion 360 customer at the time we introduce Fusion 360 Ultimate, you will be a Fusion 360 Ultimate customer for life – regardless of what new customers might pay for the Ultimate tier. That’s because Fusion 360 wouldn’t be what it is without your dedication to making it better. Now, with that out of the way, let’s talk about what the new tier actually is.


What is in Fusion 360 Ultimate?


Fusion 360 Ultimate will include all the features of Fusion 360 plus 2D drawings, 3D exploded views and animations and 3-axis CAM with advanced support (quick response support including ability to contact a qualified support professional 1:1 via Phone/Chat/Email).


We then plan to expand it to more team based collaboration and data management workflows like: exploring design variations; concurrent reviews; and more.  In addition we are also looking at adding more simulation tools starting with basic tests like stress, drop, and more finite element analysis tools. Would love to hear your ideas on these functions at the IdeaStation.


As a quick reminder, the base level of Fusion 360 includes design (sculpt, model, patch), rendering, machining (2.5 axis), data management and collaboration (versions, relationships, sharing, search, view, markup), API and 3D printing.




How much does it cost?

Fusion 360 Ultimate will be available for $100/mo. (if you purchase the annual subscription) or $150/mo. for the monthly pay-as-you-go option.


Fusion 360 will continue to be offered at $25/mo. (if you purchase the annual subscription) or $40/mo. for monthly pay-as-you-go option.


What does this all mean for current users of 2D Drawings and 3Axis in Preview?


With the introduction of Fusion 360 Ultimate, we will be ending the Drawings and 3-axis Previews in the base level of Fusion 360.  If you are wondering will previews in general go away, the answer is no.  Previews are critical for us to co-create our product with you.


Look forward to your feedback (via the IdeaStation) and comments (below).


Vikram Dutt

Fusion 360 Team





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