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Changes to Fusion 360 Ultimate Packaging

Thanks for all the feedback and comments on my original post, in which I introduced Fusion 360 Ultimate few weeks back. While most of the feedback on the packaging was positive, I heard a consistent theme about 2D drawings.


I am pleased to share with you that we are keeping 2D drawings in our standard Fusion 360 package at $25/mo. The feedback was clear that most users would have the need at some point to create at least basic drawings – to not only just put designs in production but also to communicate design intent. Thanks again for the engaging dialog and feedback on this topic. Keep it coming.


With that change, some of you might ask “why bother with Fusion Ultimate if I don’t really care about 3-axis machining or any of the other capability in Fusion 360 Ultimate?” It is a fair question and let me address that.


First of all, our intent with Fusion 360 Ultimate is to create a home for advanced capability and to offer customers the choice to only pay for the capability they use. Second, as we have demonstrated over the past year, Fusion 360 as a product family will rapidly continue to evolve with a ton of capability coming in the next few months.


As you know, Fusion has four pillars – form, function, fabrication and manage/collaborate. Here is specifically what we plan to add to Fusion 360 Ultimate in the next 6-9 months:


  • Form: We plan to add the ability to reverse engineer and 3D paint. Further out we will add more advanced surfacing.
  • Function: We will add Plastics Design for Manufacturability (DFM), multi-body Finite element analysis (FEA), mechatronics capability with integration with ECAD. Further out, sheet metal design.
  • Fabricate: Fusion 360 Ultimate will have 3-axis, 3+2-axis and 5-axis milling support. (Fusion 360 standard will continue to have support for 2.5-axis and 3D printing)
  • Manage and Collaborate: We will expand to more concurrent team based collaboration and data management workflows like exploring design variations and concurrent reviews.


Please keep the feedback coming and look forward to continuing the dialog with you.


Vikram Dutt

Fusion 360 Team



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