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Changes to Fusion 360 features and pricing

We are simplifying the pricing model for Fusion 360.  Around June 20, ALL of the functionality previously available in Fusion 360 Ultimate (animations and 3-axis machining) will now be available in Fusion 360 at $25/month with an annual subscription. In addition, functionality that was planned for Fusion 360 Ultimate – linear static stress, branching and merging – will be in Fusion 360 as well.


Just to be clear, our commitment to Fusion 360 Ultimate remains in place. Fusion 360 Ultimate will have advanced functionality in the future including 5-axis machining and advanced simulation such as multi-physics. And current Fusion 360 Ultimate customers will immediately benefit from 1000 Cloud Credits that you can use to generate fast, hi-fidelity renderings in the cloud.  Stay tuned to our product roadmap for details.


And Fusion 360 continues to remain free for students, educators, schools, hobbyists and startups.




Why did we do this?


Our conversations with many of you made it clear that when teams of people purchased a mix of Fusion 360 and Fusion 360 Ultimate, it became cumbersome for the team if some members had access to functionality such as Branching/Merging, Sheet-metal and others did not. We needed to prevent breaks in a logical product development workflow.


Given our revised understanding of team oriented workflows, we felt it best to address the line of separation between Fusion 360 vs. Ultimate. Therefore for this year, our focus will be on delivering coherent workflows that address broad product development needs. 


Please refer to our FAQ for more detail and please let me know if you have any questions.




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