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Concept modeling for architects and designers

FormIt® 360 concept design software for Windows, iPad, Android devices, and web browsers is an easy-to-use tool that helps you connect early-stage design to the Building Information Modeling (BIM) process.

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  • FormIt 360 For Windows New

    FormIt 360 Pro

    With a FormIt 360 Pro subscription, you have access to the FormIt 360 for Windows app where you can:

    • Work with bigger, more complex models.
    • Connect to A360 Drive and other web services or work without an Internet connection.
    • Collaborate in real time, and customize toolbars, palettes, and shortcuts.
    • Use your finger, stylus, mouse, and keyboard as inputs with Windows touch-enabled devices.
    • Import SKP and SAT files directly, and link content libraries from A360, local, and network drives.
  • Works with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil New

    FormIt 360

    FormIt 360 is the first mobile 3D modeling app for architects, now available to work with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. FormIt 360 lets you:

    • Import a variety of 3D file formats from other sources.
    • Use familiar, intuitive gestures to navigate your model.
    • Use the Apple Pencil for greater precision in your 3D sketches.
    • Lock in the axis with the Pencil, so you can view the surrounding geometry, and more.
  • Layers, scenes, and materials New

    FormIt 360 Pro

    Create custom layers, and then control the visibility of that layer. Set up different design options, shadow studies, or presentation images in saved scenes.

    FormIt 360 Pro subscribers will be able to import pre-made materials from the Autodesk Material Library.

  • Autodesk Dynamo Studio + FormIt New

    FormIt 360 PRO

    With a connection to Dynamo Studio, you can import customized parametric content and work with them in FormIt 360. Review multiple design options quickly before making design decisions.

  • FormIt 360 add-in for Revit New

    FormIt 360

    Design your models in 3D with FormIt 360 software, and convert them to RFA files to work with the BIM documentation tools in Revit. The FormIt 360 add-in for Revit lets you easily convert your FormIt AXM files into Revit RFA files and vice versa.

  • Real-time collaboration

    FormIt 360 Pro

    Work on the same model at the same time as your colleagues, for greater efficiency. Entire project teams can stay connected and coordinated with centralized model data in the cloud. Watch the model update in real time.

  • Whole-building energy analysis

    FormIt 360 Pro

    Run whole-building energy analysis in an early conceptual design phase. Revise faster, optimize your designs earlier, and minimize rework in later phases of work.

  • Solar analysis

    FormIt 360 Pro

    Improve your designs earlier by running solar analysis at the conceptual design phase. See the relationship between design concept and site location with shadow and path studies.

  • BIM-based conceptual design

    FormIt 360, FormIt 360 Pro

    Connect your concept designs to BIM with native Revit integration. FormIt 360 automatically assigns a Revit file to every model you create and stores it in your A360 cloud services account. Smart objects flow smoothly between the design platforms. Edit your validated designs directly in Revit for further development without a loss of data.

  • Tablet- and web-ready

    FormIt 360, FormIt 360 Pro

    Capture design concepts quickly, on the go, across devices. Work on the same model when and where it suits you. Use FormIt 360 and FormIt 360 Pro on:

    • iPad
    • Android tablets
    • Chrome and Firefox browsers
  • Intuitive design tools

    FormIt 360, FormIt 360 Pro

    Use 3D sketching tools and push-and-pull direct manipulation to more quickly and easily generate building masses in an intuitive modeling environment. Add more realism and context to your models with a selection of materials and colors. Use location awareness to import a map underlay of the physical site to your model.

  • Satellite image and location data

    FormIt 360, FormIt 360 Pro

    The software automatically integrates climate data into your model to help you better understand the relationship between the concept and the physical environment. You can set the location and import a scaled and positioned satellite image to create an even clearer modeling context.