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Features for Lustre

Flexible 3D color grading and correction process

Lustre® software features provide high-performance, real-time color grading for creative look development Interoperable with Flame.

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  • VFX toolset for colorists New


    Next-generation Converged Grading and VFX workflow enabled. Available to Flame Premium subscribers or Lustre subscribers with a subscription to Flare or Flame (Linux only). 

  • Nonlinear color grading

    Get a rich creative toolset for primary and secondary grading; ideal for color grading a broad range of projects. 

    • Provides exceptional interactivity with advanced GPU rendering technology.
    • Multilayer timelines and gestural tools for nonlinear color grading enable you to make edits and grade versions more quickly.
    • Compare multiple shots in your sequence, jump between shots instantly, and see them side by side in different contexts for a faster nonlinear workflow, giving you more time to experiment with grades and variations.
  • Interoperability with VFX

    Take your projects through finishing more easily with interoperability between Lustre for grading and Flame for visual effects. Tackle conform, look development, color grading, and visual effects creation using professional post-production tools that share a common UI and design heritage. Work faster and more efficiently from a single set of data as you move between grading and finishing applications.

  • GPU-accelerated performance

    Get real-time color grading tools that enable you to iterate as you develop the ideal look for your project. With support for graphics processing unit (GPU) technology, Lustre enables you to work faster when grading complex multilayer timelines. Preview primary and secondary grades in real time at high resolution on both mono- and stereoscopic projects.

  • Stereoscopic 3D grading

    Get stereoscopic grading capabilities, including exchange of stereoscopic timelines with Flame in creative 3D finishing processes. The combined capabilities of Lustre and Flame enable artists to develop multilayer S3D timeline workflows between 3D color grading and visual effects. 

  • Flexible grading workflow

    Move easily between 3D VFX and real-time color grading with Flame. End-to-end finishing tools help save time by nondestructively moving multilayer timelines between Lustre for grading and Flame for finishing, whether you are adding color grading to visual effects, or adding visual effects finishing to grading.