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Features for Flame

New Flame 2016 features

New features in Flame® 2016 software include new tools for look development, a better Flame desktop workflow, and more interactivity.

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    3D visual effects

  • New Lightbox and Matchbox Action tools New

    Expertly composite and create visual effects with new look development tools and improved color management. The new Lightbox and the addition of Matchbox in Action enables you to use GPU-accelerated GLSL shaders to solve artistic challenges right where they occur – in the 3D compositing environment. Improved color management provides more precision when developing looks.

  • Context-based Flame desktop workflow New

    Use new Batch reel groups, a better versioning workflow, and multi-Batch in the Flame 2016 desktop for a context-based workflow that connects all the areas in the desktop: the timeline, Batch, and reels. Choose whichever toolset is right for the task during visual effects finishing and look development, for a faster path to completion.

  • Better interactivity New

    Improve interactive performance during client-attend sessions with better proxy handling, Reactor 3.0 for faster rendering in Action, and foreground export.

  • Post-production management works with Shotgun New

    With a subscription to the Shotgun collaboration service, you can more easily integrate Flame Premium with other tools in your facility’s post-production pipeline.

  • Batch improvements based on user feedback New

    Navigate schematics, access node information, and handle node inputs that have different bit-depths, with several improvements in Batch and BFX that are based on user feedback. 

  • Planar tracking New

    Expertly and easily track perspective changes with the versatile, high-performing Planar Tracker. Streamlined for forward and backward analysis, quick deletion of keyframes, quick reference updates, and automatic extrapolation, the Planar Tracker works in a way that is similar to the Stabilizer and is available in common Action objects (GMask, Perspective Grid, and Axis).

    Editorial workflow

  • New camera and format support New

    Gain extended support for the latest cameras and formats with Flame 2016.

  • Workflow improvements New

    Better support creativity with an extensive editorial toolset in Batch FX and Reel Groups on the desktop.