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Workflow improvements

Better support creativity with an extensive editorial toolset in Batch FX and Reel Groups on the desktop.

Batch has been updated with the following enhancements: 

The load from desk function enables you to temporarily view your reels to add more sources to your Batch. You can now switch reel groups while you are loading.

With new Batch group iterations, users can change the iteration start number; customize their save setup backups with tokens or a python hook; or turn off iterations for a particular Batch.

Batch also includes: 

  • A timeline tab in the Batch FX (BFX) editor provides one-click access to the full set of timeline tools for BFX sources, enabling you to make in-context editorial changes to sources in the BFX composition.
  • A Batch FX recursive workflow enables artists to edit BFX clip content in the Batch schematic by entering the BFX editor for the clip—without unnesting it. This simplified process is useful for manipulating nested compositions as clips. You can also easily navigate through multiple levels of BFX from the media panel.
  • Reel Groups help you organize shots on desktop reels into one or more groups that support the project workflow. Use Reel Groups to:
    • Break a project down into smaller, more manageable subsections.
    • Set up a task-based structure that supports the workflow.
    • Display different contexts for shots and clips on the desktop. Then, quickly swap them to see another context.
  • Continuously display specific reels on the desktop regardless of which Reel Group you load. For example, you can keep the final reel visible at all times as you progress through a project.