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Faster conforming

Access an extensive set of conforming and troubleshooting tools in a single task-based area for faster creation of multilayer timelines. With tight integration between the timeline, event list, and media, you can relink faster, troubleshoot more effectively, and aggregate the final timeline more efficiently.

Visual cues, a color-code event list, one-click relinking of matched shots, and an integrated player for shot verification all help conform timelines and resolve issues quickly. Flame includes advanced conform tools.

The 2017 version also supports: 

  • Enhanced metadata conform from AAF/XML sequences, now including markers (text and color) and the latest enhancements to animated Timewarps.
  • RED's R3D options defined in AAF file can now be used when conforming in Flame products.
  • Relink with Clip name, keeping the name of clips you relink to versus the editorial names from the sequence.
  • Smart Replace to easily replace content based on source properties.
  • Slipping media under Timewarp is back.
  • CG rendering workflows: cache and archive multiple versions of Open clip based sources like versioned CG renders/precomps.
  • Timeline FX quick editor menu: perform common tasks like drawing masks, manipulating image repositions, and even drive Action or GMask Tracer  right from the integrated player.
  • Connected Conform Workflow enhancements
  • Conform View and Sources/Shots Sequence can now use track locking status to filter-out content.
  • Batch Group creation is now based on shot order.
  • Manual shared segment creation, including BFX on Gap: Gaps can now be treated like a clip and synced across multiple connected sequences.
  • Shots Sequence now supports animated Timewarps and BFX, making shots revision easier than ever.

Also supported:

  • Conform multilayer timelines using EDL, AAF, Apple Final Cut Pro 7 and Final Cut Pro X XML files
  • Broad format support: Sony XAVC, Sony F65, F5, F55, XDCAM HD; Importing Sony SSTP (MXF), XAVC-S formats; REDCODE RAW format, Epic HDRx, ARRIRAW; Panasonic P2; Apple QuickTime format, including support for Blackmagic Design 10-bit uncompressed; Apple ProRes codec (decode only); MXF format; Avid DNxHD format; AVC-Intra, AVCHD format, H.264; Adobe Photoshop format, including new support for 16-bit layered files; Multi-channel OpenEXR 2.0 without deep pixel support and new support for OpenEXR Multiparts; and 4:4:4 RGB image sequences
Flame conforming and troubleshooting tools