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Connected conform

Get a unified media management approach to share, sort, and sync media across multiple sequences. Users can finish faster in Flame and Flare. Capabilities include: Shared Sources, Source Sequence, Shots Sequence, Shared Segment Syncing, and Smart Replace.

New capabilities for 2017 include: 

  • Enhanced metadata conform from AAF/XML sequences, including markers (text and color) and the latest enhancements to animated Timewarps.
  • RED's R3D options defined in AAF file when conforming in Flame products.
  • Relink with Clip name, keeping the name of clips you relink to, versus editorial names from the sequence.
  • Smart Replace to easily replace content based on source properties.
  • Slipping media under Timewarp is back.
  • CG rendering workflows: cache and archive multiple versions of Open clip-based sources like versioned CG renders/precomps.
  • Timeline FX quick editor menu: perform common tasks like drawing masks, manipulating Image repositions, and even drive Action or GMask Tracer right from the integrated player.
  • Connected Conform Workflow enhancements.
  • Conform View and Sources/Shots Sequence: users can now use track-locking status to filter out content.
  • Batch Group creation is now based on shot order.
  • Manual shared segment creation, including BFX on Gap: Gaps can now be treated like a clip and synced across multiple connected sequences.
  • Shots Sequence now supports animated Timewarps and BFX, making shots revision easier than ever.    
Connected conform workflow