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Features for Flame

High-end tools for visual effects finishing

Flame® software provides tools for 3D compositing, visual fx, and editorial finishing. Featuring the Flame desktop, a multilayer timeline, conform, media management, and interactive performance, Flame gives you the tools you need in an integrated creative environment.

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    3D visual effects

  • Planar tracking New

    Expertly and easily track perspective changes with the versatile, high-performing Planar Tracker.

  • Unparalleled performance New

    Access unique workflows, creative tools, interactivity, and processing power for every project.

  • End-to-end 4K workflow New

    Flame now offers an end-to-end 4K and Ultra HD workflow to help with your most challenging projects.

  • 3D visual effects and compositing tools (enhanced)

    Perform 3D compositing as fast as 2D with exceptional speed and an interactive workflow.

  • Flame Desktop (enhanced)

    The highly responsive visual environment of the Flame Desktop enables faster experimentation and development of your most creative ideas.

  • Action 3D compositing environment

    With a range of effects creation tools in Action, you can create visual effects, correct image problems, add lighting effects to 3D composites, and more.

  • Batch procedural compositing

    Batch, a node-based procedural compositing environment that features the Flame creative toolset, is tightly integrated with the timeline and Flame Desktop.

  • Modern color management (enhanced)

    More easily mix footage from digital cinema cameras, film scans, and video with support for ACES, the Academy Color Encoding System 16-bit format.

  • Stereoscopic 3D finishing

    Take on finishing challenging stereoscopic 3D (S3D) post-production projects.

  • Workflow with 3D

    Use CG assets in finishing via open workflows with 3D animation software and make changes in post when speed and interactivity are essential.

    Editorial workflow

  • Workflow improvements New

    With an extensive editorial toolset in Batch FX and new Reel Groups on the desktop, new features in Extension 2 enhance the Flame 2015 workflow to better support creativity.

  • Full timeline creative workflow (enhanced)

    Oversee projects, easily create consistent looks, and correctly match graded and 3D VFX shots to editorial intention using the redesigned timeline.

  • Unified approach to media management (enhanced)

    Designed for faster browsing and easier organization, the new MediaHub consolidates media management tools into a single area.

  • Faster conforming

    Access an extensive set of conforming and troubleshooting tools in a single task-based area for faster creation of multilayer timelines.

  • Audio tools

    Access a full set of timeline-based audio editing and processing tools.