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Matchbox Camera FX

Get Autodesk Stingray Algorithms depth of field, ambient occlusion, and reflections. Enhancements include Action, Flame’s 3D scene environment, with new scene-based Matchbox Camera FX to bring a suite of physical and creative in-camera Digital FX processing and look development tools. Offers Stingray technology for high-performance rendering capabilities.

Matchbox Camera FX provides integrated Digital FX for Action Scenes, including:

  • Temporal ambient occlusion (AO): high-quality AO built into Actions renderer enables artists to create clean, high-quality final lighting looks on complex 3D scenes.
  • 3D and 2D motion vector support and output: track extended bicubic surfaces to produce motion vectors for final result or pass downstream to Batch nodes as AO variable channels.
  • Stingray depth of field: produce high-quality defocusing and light wrapping effects, integrated into Actions results renderer for high performance.
  • Stingray screen space reflection: uses Game Engine technology to address the issue of one object reflecting in the surface of another (as viewed by the camera). Includes a high-speed single-bounce reflection function that utilizes physically based shader technology
  • Enhanced lens flare, rays: customize or create, and save as your own new photoreal and creative lens flare presets, using integrated source textures. Available in Actions and stand-alone Matchbox nodes in Batch or the timeline.
  • Invisible shadow caster: provides up to 8K shadow casting (on supported hardware). Incorporates an invisible shadow caster or receiver option, enabling the creation of shadow effects without needing to light the object requiring the effect or create an invisible surface to display the shadow without being seen itself.