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Lightbox and Matchbox Action tools

Expertly composite and create visual effects with new look development tools and improved color management. The new Lightbox and the addition of Matchbox in Action enables you to use GPU-accelerated GLSL shaders to solve artistic challenges right where they occur—in the 3D compositing environment. Improved color management provides more precision when developing looks.

Integrated into Action's lighting pipeline, Lightbox offers a new approach to look development that:

  • Enables you to cast effects from lights in the Action scene onto objects in a similar way to lighting.
  • Uses 3D information in the scene (camera position, light position, and the position and orientation of fragments and normal).
  • Comes prepackaged with a full set of color correction shaders, for new color correction capabilities into Action.

Matchbox in Action:

  • Can affect any type of texture map in the scene, and can be applied to multiple textures simultaneously.
  • Is as fast in Action as it is in Batch for an interactive experience when doing image treatments—without leaving the context of the 3D compositing scene.
  • Comes prepackaged with a variety of GLSL shaders.

With color management improvements you can:

  • More easily carry over look information with extended support for third-party 3D LUTs. Use 3D LUTs as conversion or viewing LUTs across the entire Flame family.
  • Now apply 3D LUTs to all types of images, including floating point images for more precision when developing looks.
  • Now invert color transforms making it easier to ingest a wide variety of footage, convert the elements to a common color space for compositing, and then revert back to the original color space.